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A brief introduction

Dr. Levy is an integrative practitioner with a background as a board-certified Family Physician. Additional experience in Emergency Medicine and a decade of Obstetrical care provides a well-rounded background
in Allopathic Medicine. In addition to Western care,
Dr. Levy studied Traditional Chinese Medicine but was trained and mentored in the Japanese style of Kampo (herbal ) Medicine and Acupuncture.

Dr. Levy has incorporated these modalities into his integrative practice, which provides diverse treatments for his patients. He also blends these modalities with nutritional and diet therapies to provide individual personalized care, with an expertise in treating complex chronic diseases.

The presentations to be offered through these educational seminars, offer an opportunity to give back to the Acupuncture Community, and for practitioners to integrate Eastern and Western care in a synergistic approach to health and disease.

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Dr. Levy has taught seminars on Auto-Immune Diseases, Japanese Herbal therapies, and Supportive Care for Cancer, as well as joint presentations with his mentor
Dr. Miki Shima representing the Japanese American Acupuncture Foundation. For more information about Dr. Levy or to make a medical appointment with Dr. Levy, visit:

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